Created for the 2 button game jam. As such, the control scheme is fairly simple.

The up arrow attaches or detaches the grapple from the next horizontal grapple point.

The right arrow boosts you in the direction you're currently traveling, this can be used whether you're attached to a grapple or not, because you're a ninja or something. 

Please feel free to comment any issues you run into with the game.

Background from ansimuz, other 2d assets from Kenney and music from Juhani Junkala

GenreAction, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Side Scroller


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Pretty fun.

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i was about to say "I wish while you are grapling a object, you can swing beneath the screen instead of dying" but then I realise, that's for anti-cheat (i was angry because I tried to break the game instead of playing it the correct way :p)

The only things I would like to mention is the speeding the charather can be quite OP (though, if you don't remove it that's okay too, because I like going FAST) . Also, the grapple only grapple to the things to the right and not the closest thing. (I know you need to go forward but it's better if it's the closest object because in certain scenarios it need to be the closest object so just make it the closest object. I would also like a crosshair to be placed on a object that will be grappled on)

Also, I finished the game! Had loads of fun.

Hi, really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for the well thought-out feedback.

You're completely right about the grappling under the screen, being able to go under the screen invalidates a lot of the obstacles. It's still possible for some of the levels, but it's hard enough to pull off that I felt it didn't break the game.

Yeah, the grappling only to the right sometimes feels wrong, particularly when you're very close to a grapple point. If I hadn't been working within the limitations of the two-button game jam, I might have gone with a button for grappling forwards and a button for grappling backwards. 

The crosshair is a great idea and I might add it at some point. 

Thanks :-) 

That was pretty great!

Thanks :-)

fun game, finished it!

Nice work, glad you enjoyed it.